Wellness looks different for everyone

We know firsthand that a truly healthy lifestyle must be a personalized one. Through our highly customizable app, digitized contingency management, and dedicated 1-on-1 Peer support, WEconnect helps members build a strong, sustainable foundation for long-term wellness.



reduction in TRC visits



increase in MAT prescription refills



increase in PCP visits



positive ROI

Build community

Our nationally certified Peer support specialists work 1-on-1 with members to empower them to define and reach their health goals. With multiple online meetings hosted daily in the app, members can find a supportive community with just the tap of a button.

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Reduce costs

Keeping members engaged with their healthy goals saves costs by decreasing emergency department stays, increasing primary care utilization, improving patient adherence to their prescribed care/medical plan, and identifying successful providers and methodologies to invest in further.

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Reward recovery

WEconnect helps keep members engaged in their recovery, increasing patient health, decreasing reoccurrence (relapse), and improving social determinants of health. Contingency management rewards accountability to help members build a strong foundation for long-term wellness.

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A top-rated tool your members will love

WEconnect’s net promoter score (or NPS, which measures clients’ overall satisfaction with a product) of 85 is more than four times the average health care NPS of 16. Heck, our NPS even beats Netflix! Improve your quality ratings through offering solutions that members love.

Personalized progress

The WEconnect mobile app offers 1-on-1 Peer support, 6+ daily online support meetings, and digitized contingency management to support members’ recovery. With daily routines & reminders that help members work toward their goals, making progress has never been easier!

Community connection

Our certified Peers host 6+ online support meetings every day. Connect with other WEconnect members, share (if you'd like), or just listen and hold space with others. All paths of recovery are welcome!

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Further strengthen support communities

Recovery is a lifetime effort. Within our own treatment centers, our mission is to extend care beyond our programs through alumni support networks. Our partnership with WEconnect Health will further strengthen those communities of support, putting our members on the path to long-term recovery.