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My Wild Month on the Road: Mobilize Recovery Across America 2022 Bus Tour

December 5, 2022

Keywords and Content Warning: recovery, addiction, substance use disorder, bus tour, nationwide, country, social media, White House, family, Indigenous, Narcan (naloxone), fentanyl testing, neurodivergent, ADHD, Spoon Theory, Shame Booth.

Sheilah Powell
Peer Support Specialist
Sheilah Powell is a person in recovery, a Peer Recovery Support Specialist and Content Lead for WEconnect Health, and lifelong New Jersey native. She is also a training facilitator, a certified CCAR Recovery Coach Professional, and an independent blogger and social media curator. A mother of three, Sheilah enjoys yoga, reading and spending time with her dog, Starla, at the Central Jersey bayshore area. To contact Sheilah, email or follow her on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok @SheShePowell.

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